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We have hosted many plein air painting and other workshops and retreats on a Greek island.  Now we would like to bring your group to the emerald isle.  Start Here to learn more.

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Ireland For You

August 2017 Update:  This site has been replaced with a more modern version--and new photos.

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Michael & Karin Shepherd, originally from Beaverton Oregon, are offering to share  their experience in Ireland to bring you the ultimate Irish travel experience--as you define it.

We lived over six years in West Cork--travelling every byway and learning the area better than many of the locals.  We have also traveled extensively over the whole of Ireland.

After sojourns to Greece and the Czech Republic we are again living in Ireland; this time in Ennis, Co. Clare and putting our experience and hospitality to work for you.

  "Knowledge is the best insurance!"

This Ireland-For-You site is mostly a photo journal of our personal experiences in Ireland written with the aim that you, the reader, may determine what suits your preferences and what does not. Start with the latest addition then browse around to whatever you fancy!

Your preferred itinerary to discover the real Ireland.

We are also happy to suggest personalized itineraries for the independent traveler at no cost or obligation.  If you like our suggestions you can thank our advertisers, including those below.


Ireland is best experienced by car; it is more convenient, comfortable and easier for you to visit the various travel destinations--especially those back road locations where you can meet the local Irish.  We use and are affiliates for   They not only provide good service and great cars they have a lowest price guarantee.

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